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Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

God gave Jacob twelve sons. Of all his sons Jacob favored Joseph. This son was born of Rachel, Jacob's favorite wife. (He should not have had more than one.) This son was also born in Jacob's old age when Jacob was walking closer to God, having learned many lessons. This son also seemed to have a love for Jacob's God. The other sons were born when Jacob was not so close to God.

It is not a good thing for parents to have favorites. Each child is different but each child is special and there is a need for being fair and loving each one. It is not a good thing for parents to have favorites, but sometimes in a selfish, sinful world it happens. God is able to take us above the sinful ways of man.

Joseph's Coat in the BibleJacob gave Joseph a very special coat of many colors. This, of course, made his brothers jealous and they began to hate Joseph and were unable to speak kindly to him.

What is hatred? What is jealousy? Did you ever hate someone? Did you ever envy or feel jealous toward someone? God is able to give you victory over your sinful thoughts.

Joseph was seventeen years old, working with his brothers in the fields. Joseph was upset by the words and actions of his brothers and reported them to their father. Joseph was not tattling but telling out of concern.

When we tattle we are trying to get the other person in trouble. We want to make ourselves look good and the other person look bad. We are out to hurt the other person. Tattling is wrong.

On the other hand there is a right time to tell. When we tell we are trying to keep the other person from trouble. We care about the other person more than we care about ourselves. We are out to help the other person. For example: if we saw a child playing with matches we would want to tell in order to keep them from hurting themselves and others.

We should examine ourselves by thinking about the reason we want to tell something. And we should never spread lies or rumors that tear down a person's character or reputation. This is gossip and gossip is sin.

Before you tell or repeat something ask yourself: Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?

Be careful little tongue what you say.

Be careful little tongue what you say.

For the Father up above is looking down in love.

So be careful little tongue what you say!

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