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Flowers5.wmf (29000 bytes)Cross-pollination is that wonderful miracle of God by which pollen from one flower combines with the underdeveloped seeds of another to produce developed seeds that will grow into more flowers.

Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)Bees are the chief Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)engineers of cross-pollination. If it were not for them, half of our most beautiful flowers wouldBumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes) disappear. The honeybee, which uses pollen as food for its young, does the most Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)work and covers the most territory. Also, she has better pollen baskets than the bumblebee. These baskets consist of rows of stiff bristles on the hind legs. By packing pollen moistened with honey between these hairs, the bee can accumulate a ball of pollen sometimes as large as a quarter inch in diameter and containing Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)100,000 grains.

Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)Bees work at amazing speed. On the head of a thistle a honeybee, thrusting her nose into one flower after another, can pollinate at the rate of about 30 flowers per minute!Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)

Usually bees gather from only one kind of flower at a time. When two different flowers of the same dark purple color grew side by side, bees were noted to nearly collide in air, but never did a beeBumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes) touch the pollen of the wrong flower.

Bumblbee.wmf (4108 bytes)Who taught the bees? What book did they read? Where did they go to school? No one taught them. They never learned. It is programmed into them from birth. They have no choice. This was the purpose and plan given them from the beginning, and they are happy and content to carry out their purpose.

You are different though, my friend. You have a purpose, but you are not programmed to carry out that plan and purpose. You have a choice. God planned and purposed that people should be like Him. That is, by the use of their feelings and intellects and wills, people should represent and reflect God. People should show what God is like.

Rebelling against God, using our wills to reflect ourselves and Satan, we have spoiled the picture, and the result is sin and sickness and sadness and death. We have not fulfilled our purpose and we do not therefore have joy and contentment.

But God has sent His Son, made in the physical likeness of man, but bearing the image of the invisible God, perfectly reflecting Him, to fix what we have spoiled. Only through the knowledge of God can we fulfill our purpose. Only through Jesus Christ is the knowledge of God. 

AAnd this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent" (John 17:3).

Trusting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord, you will find fulfillment of purpose and joy. 

ABelieve on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16:31).
ANeither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved@
(Acts 4:12).

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